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About soulbelly

Soulbelly is a place to tell your story. Everyone has one. It might be a moment or a lifetime. Soulbelly creates multimedia keepsakes to preserve your most beloved story, whether a love letter to your child, a piece of history, or just a single memory. 

What does "Soulbelly" mean? It's your soul's gas tank, the feeling you get when your spirit is full. It's love, connection, hope, and change. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's romantic. But it always begins with your story. 

Soulbelly founder Stephanie Buck is a professional storyteller. She has worked as a journalist for a decade, reporting on everything from tech to fashion, between New York and San Francisco, but her most cherished stories celebrate the human spirit. She's overjoyed to be back in her hometown Sacramento. 


Stephanie’s published work:

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